Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have been married for several years. When we were first married things were great! We spent time together and just had fun.

The past few years have been the exact opposite - we never do anything together, and he is just a complete jerk.

Now for the biggest problem - I love him but am no longer in love with him. But he wants to try to work things out. I know that things will eventually go back to the way that they were but to keep people from thinking I am a complete bitch I have agreed to try. I honestly don't want to be with him any more.

Every time he touches me I feel absolutely nothing. Every time I have to spend time with him I am annoyed. He is trying to be all loving and caring and I honestly just want to slap him. I just don't care anymore.

When I wanted him to change he wouldn't - now that I don't care if he ever changes and I just want away from him he decides to try.